How does someone get the best mortgage rate?

It takes some good everything these days to get the best Mortgage rate

The best rate on a mortgage these days come down to more than credit. If you want the best rate there are some additional factors we have to consider.

  1. Credit is great but there needs to be a 2 year history, or major reason why there is no history.
  2. Income is guaranteed; but short tenure would lead to more questions, and reason for short tenure
  3. Down payment; this can be gifted but make sure its in a month ahead.In addition some lenders just don’t like gifts, as it shows the mortgage borrower cannot save up.
  4. House. The house itself may be beautiful; but if its not in a easily marketable area, or simply too rural you may be subject to restrictions. Leading to higher Mortgage rates.

It takes more than just a guaranteed job, with a credit card being used, and a gift from your mother to buy a house.

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