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We assist people in finding mortgage financing, whether it be a first time home buyer, or refinancing to perform upgrades, and/or lowering debt costs. We also perform budgets and help people build back their credit.

It all started with a vision to help clients seek and obtain the best mortgage rates available to them. With this progression of a worthy idea, we created the Mortgage Suite team, and all the tools and spreadsheets to help clients understand, obtain, and finalize their mortgage transaction in a timely manner.

We are a team of mortgage professionals dedicated to helping clients through accessing their equity in their home. We educate and help clients understand their borrowing needs. In addition, we help clients budget, prepare for their home purchase, and save them time and money in the process.

Mortgage Suite Locations

Email: [email protected]


Windsor Office: 2570 Dougall Ave Unit 3, Windsor, ON N8X 1T6, Canada
Telephone: 519.419.3825

Essex Office: 105 South Talbot St. Unit 2, Essex, ON N8M 1B3, Canada

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Just answer a few questions to get our team behind you. We’ll give you a call and work on your personal situation.

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team behind you

Just answer a few questions to get our team behind you. We’ll give you a call and work on your personal situation.

our team

  • Rika Lavigne
    Rika Lavigne Mortgage Agent Team Leader (519) 562-3112
  • Duncan Wilson
    Duncan Wilson Mortgage Broker Team Leader (226) 620-1007

    Since 2001 Duncan has been helping clients purchase, refinance and renew their homes in the Mortgage Industry. As a Mortgage Broker he believes everyone has the right to be on a path to a better mortgage.

  • Shawn Kingsbury
    Shawn Kingsbury Mortgage Agent (226) 620-1024

    Shawn Kingsbury brings a knowledgable approach and steady hand to the mortgage industry. His experience in the field makes your mortgage process faster and easier.

  • Tyler Tiessen
    Tyler Tiessen Mortgage Agent (226) 620-1061

    Tyler Tiessen looks at mortgages in a systemic and holistic way. His approach to lending leads to predictable, positive results every time.

  • Charly Short
    Charly Short Mortgage Agent (226) 620-1038

    Charly Short is a Mortgage Agent with extensive knowledge in the Mortgage Process. Charly brings years of experience in the automation and manufacturing administration side to the mortgage industry. In this industry getting a mortgage means choosing Charly Short.

  • Mike Braga
    Mike Braga Mortgage Agent (226) 620-1046

    Michael Braga is a Mortgage Agent with an incredible edge. Mr. Braga brings years of operational procedural work, and a foundation in customer relations. If you ever need a mortgage call Mike today!

  • Mike Riccardi
    Mike Riccardi Mortgage Agent (226) 620-1068

    Mike Riccardi consistently brings structure and organization to even the most hectic mortgage situations. His steadfast approach ensures you get the best deal possible.

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