5 reasons Why you should pay off your back Taxes with your Equity 

To pay CRA arrears or not to pay CRA arrears, that is always the question

We all know the answer – YES!! Pay them right away. But what happens when you didn’t save up enough? or just anticipate the amount that you actually owe current. This is what I want to discuss.

When you own your own home you have many options that can take care of this debt, that carries interest and penalties of 10% plus!

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So what can be done? Here at Mortgage Suite we have a team of agents that handle these sort of situations. We usually end up moving clients to a one year solution, or a 5 year solution at a credit union. If the credit works we can keep your mortgage interest rate almost the same, or within your weighted average savings. In light of this fact we came up with the best 5 reasons you should consider refinancing to payout C.R.A./Bad debt.

Here is 5 reasons Why you should pay off your back Taxes with your Equity


  1. Firstly, C.R.A. debt is one of those things that always will linger, getting bigger. In my experience CRA debt is one in particular that comes with many different fees, penalties, and other charges. It is better to get rid of it to avoid costly future money.
  2. Secondly, its easy to payout the debts with a good beacon score, sometimes resulting in the same rate if not better. Find out what your rate would be here
  3. Thirdly. the costs if your credit is bad, always out way the costs of carrying such high interest debts. Check out this article on B-lending to understand.
  4. Fourthly, one easy payment – we all know C.R.A. notifies you in the mail. If you are all paid up Less mail, less stress, less headaches, more tress alive
  5. Fifthly, Health stress improvement. Its easy to understand this. Not having a psychological debt way over your head is a feeling worth having. Less Stress = happier life.

So, if its bad debt you need to take care of we have you covered. Mike Braga Mortgage Agent


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