Mortgage Service: Reality Vs. Expectation

Why a Team doing mortgages provides the best Mortgage Service 

We have all been there. The bank not getting back to you. A mortgage professional ghosting your texts. Everyone gets busy right? Isn’t that the empathetic way to look at things? Not really!! Not when you are one week out from closing your dream $450,000.00 home purchase which happens to be the largest investment you will ever make in your life*stat. But, you can wait. Does this make sense? No it doesn’t. If you google Mortgage Broker right now you will get this. A mortgage broker: Serves as the middleman between the lender and the borrower and handles the time-consuming process of securing the loan and gathering the considerable paperwork involved. It say’s it right there. TIME CONSUMING. But get better at your job Mr. Broker you would think. In reality, they we are all amazing at our professions. But the process is time consuming, and this leads to back ups in the process. Your file not being looked at. In reality, your file could be in the “application” state, but is it truly being processed as quick as possible? In reality are you getting your answers as quick as you expect?

Quick Glance of the general process in reality

  1. 20 seconds to tell you yes we should do an application with simple 5 questions
  2. 15 minutes to do an in depth analysis and send your application
  3. 1 day max to get answers from at least 2 – 3 lenders – during which you send in income and other documents ( this is the time consuming part)
  4. 4 hours max on triple products if documents come in asap.

Let’s just say things would be in order and run smoothly if a team tried to approve you. 

Here are the 5 benefits of working with Mortgage Suite 

  1. More minds to create more approval avenues
  2. A Team creates more relationships with lenders – 115 plus to non exact!
  3. Experience creates less bias towards your file. There are always ideas from other agents outside the deal that can help navigate it to a better pathway approval. 
  4. Communication is key here. We have a team of people that will answer, and get you the answers you need. 
  5. There is no “i”  in team, and I don’t think there is an “i” in mortgage either. 

Here, at Mortgage Suite we take service to a higher standard as Broker Team Concept. We want to communicate with you and update you on your application. We make it easy for you to apply and understand your mortgage. You need the money, let us take care of the rest.


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