Alternative mortgage solutions – is it really a healthy alternative?

Find a healthier solution to your decline

We all hear the word when we walk into a branch – Declined. Being declined on the biggest investment you will make is emotional. Your first thought – take any healthy alternative to getting your mortgage approved. 

Usually when you are declined on credit, past credit, current credit, not enough income, you name it, you usually are referred to what’s called, alternative mortgage solutions. It’s a branch solution provided to you immediately not fitting the box of mortgage requirements for approval within a branch level.

Your file is referred to a representative inside the branch network that deals with your “sort of file”. This representative can be kilometers away, and often deals via the phone. They receive all branch referrals so they become very busy. Clients with bad credit go through this branch alternative system and end up with 9% on their mortgage. Mortgage Suite approves you quickly and easily, and at a much lower rate. 

Using a local Broker/Agent is the key to a lower rate

When it comes to a mortgage approval – shop local. There are many local mortgage brokers and agents that help clients in this situation rather than going through a branch referring system where your mortgage is not cared for locally, and the solution is sometimes blurry and more costly in the end. 


From Messy Decline to Approval In Line

Mortgage Suite has solutions right at hand to put you on a better path. We work with all types of the lenders. The main 3 types of mortgage lending are Triple A, B lending, and Private. We can source all types that fit your situation. Whether it’s a branch decline, or you simply need a good rate on your mortgage and currently have bad credit, bad debts, CRA tax arrears, or other obstacles come visit us and see the difference today.