Getting a virtual mortgage approval “the new normal”

Recent events such as COVID, increased mortgage application rules, have changed the mortgage landscape forever. With the new digital home buying experience seen in the real estate market. From virtual tours of homes to virtually signing offers to purchase it’s a new and quicker market. 

It is now time for mortgages to go virtual. This is an incredible era we live in, and brokers need to take advantage to benefit and help their clients through this challenging time. 

Taking Mortgages to the next level. 

With new advancements in technology the mortgage industry can now have more accuracy in completion of your application. For example, a client can simply create a secure login profile, snap a picture of your documents that are needed by your broker, and upload the document right away!! If you forget what documents you have sent, don’t worry! You get an email to remind you. Talk about getting your ducks in a row!

The best advancements to the industry.

Simple yet beautiful new advancements Makes the mortgage application process streamlined. A client can view, sign, and email all the documents needed by your broker. Lawyers can sign you virtually anywhere. Duncan Wilson Broker

One such mortgage company doing this is Mortgage Suite. With our new technology integration techniques, and back end I.T. Management, we set the bar high. We have integrated tools to provide you quick up to date responses, and the newest state of the art client relationship management system. This will allow for lower rates, better rate holds, and various other applications to assist in your money saving goals.

Here at Mortgage Suite, we believe you are a client for life, and deserve the best the market has to offer,  when it comes to getting the keys to your new purchase Charlene Short Mortgage Agent

Just think about that, you can do your mortgage from your very own living room! Check us out today, and in 5 minutes get pre-approved with a live agent.

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